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My experience of playing Path of Exile

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: 02/10/2019
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ͺͺ: 02/10/2019 8:13 pm    ͡з: My experience of playing Path of Exile ͺзͧ¤Ӿٴ(quote)

I just used the upgrade to grind the boss Dafa. I have died many times and killed the boss to the sixth chapter. Wait a minute, how can I feel like the lion eye watch this picture. I will compare it with the first chapter. You are in Malang Gobi, learn what is bad for you to learn Blizzard that is so stupid to stir up the rice. Loss I just boasted of you, immediately gave Lao Tzu a shame. The national service is now running version 3.0, the old man is referring to a calculation, That is to say, this game has been updated to 2.0 before it was opened in six or seven years. It adds up to only four chapters. I know that I suddenly have some sympathy for the players who played this game from the beginning. The four chapters have been played for several years. I want to come to you... its really hard! Howerver, I got a few Poe Currency and love playing Path of Exile.

Entering the first Daguai map in Chapter 6, the map has not changed, the blame has been modified, and the bug is not changed. I really have no idea. I yawned, but I soon found out that these zombies are obviously Huo. The outstanding students who graduated from Gwart Magic School, each skilled in magic, melee special fire totem totem at your feet, a fire stick around a pillar, if you played Contra or Super Mario, you know that I am What to say, it is called a dead on the dead, more hateful, there are some remote geeks hiding in the back row with ice arrows to shoot you to freeze you, let you enjoy the ice and fire two days. After a few rounds, I took a tube of experience and cleaned it up... I feel so bad, how can these little mobs suddenly become so good! I must die very badly! According to the experience of the old man's medical practice for many years, in general, such things must first find reasons for themselves. Open the property panel and look at it. Hey, I will marry your big Sprite, who will turn the resistance of Laozi into Negative! network management! Have a look!

The old drivers know that this is the designer's forced patching for numerical expansion, increasing the difficulty of the game in disguise, kicking the players who just climbed ashore back to the frying pan. Not only that, I found that the other values ​​in the game have been set to the upper limit, specifically if you get 100% resistance from the equipment talent, but your resistance limit is 75%, then for the strange, you The resistance is still 75%, and it can't reach 100% immune damage. This is still adding in disguise to improve the depth of play.

The difficulty of the plots in the next few chapters is rising in a straight line. I suddenly realize that this is an online game. Is it too reluctant for a person to fight alone? So I built an open team and instantly joined a Summoner. I saw him carry a hand and drilled a bunch of zombies from the ground. It scared me. I counted it, two four six seven eight... Not waiting for me to finish, there are two The Summoner into the group, suddenly the small map is filled with monsters and ghosts from all over the country. Its really a fellow villager who sees tears in his hometown. The monsters are squeezing in the sturdy passages and jumping up and down. They think that the scene of Jinggangshans meeting was not the same. I also suddenly felt that I was going to fight Li Yunlong in Ping'an County. The troops who had let go of their own development had received orders to come and gather. The second battalion commander, I am not going to take your Italy... I will taste it...

But you really don't say that The Summoner is the best career for novices. I followed the ugly ugly and ran the story directly from the sixth chapter. The level of excitement is comparable to the New Year! The whole process is more than a strange dog, people are more fierce. But the problem is also there. When you encounter a magical screen, it starts to get stuck, sometimes even directly.

Because I haven't played online games for several years, my computer is equipped with I3-4130 CPU, not even the graphics card, because the memory is big enough, the boot is only 4 seconds. So I realized that it might be time to switch to the ancestral video card EVGA 680 Classified. A toss on the graphics card, unexpectedly still stuck, is it not enough to optimize the game? It shouldn't be okay, so I have been open for so many years. The so-called human card dog does not card, tell me how to fight, I can not watch the ugly eight strange upgrade is faster than me, so a bite, the CPU is also replaced by the ancestral I7-4790k.

After the full upgrade, the computer still couldn't solve the problem, so I went to the official website to find the answer. I didn't know it. When I watched it, the players in the community turned over and turned to the WEGAME pot. As you know, Penguin sees that G fat is always in that hi 1, even if he is worth hundreds of billions, he still can't stand the inner embarrassment, so he got a WEGAME and rushed to let the player be a mouse & test. Naturally, its a card that everyones chickens and dogs are suffering.

Thanks to the subsequent update patch to solve the Caton problem, or my Path of Exile may end here. How to tell it, even Caton is a familiar taste. [url][/url]
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